Kurt Vile Tour CD

Highly underrated RSTB fave Kurt Vile's playing a few shows solo and along with his band KV and the Vaporizers. Be sure to check him out if you're in the NY/Philly area or if you're headed down to SXSW. Vile's bringing with him this tour only CD, Overnight KV packed just as full of lo-fi drifter psych as last year's wonderful Constant Hitmaker. Reworking a few classics (a slowed down, midnight version of "Freeway") and some new tracks proliferate the CD. Some of the tracks may pop up on his upcoming Mexican Summer 12" and keep an eye out as the folks over at Woodist are reissuing Constant Hitmaker on vinyl. Which is probably some of the best news I've heard all week!

[MP3] Kurt Vile - My Sympathy
[MP3] Kurt Vile - Beach on the Moon (Recycled Lyrics)

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Blogger hotdoorknobs said...

KV! RSTB! Yeahhhhhhhhh

11:01 AM  
Blogger sweeetheartfever said...

i second the knoblr. YEEEAAHHHH!!!!!!!

12:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kurt's playing tonight in Philly! Diiiiig! http://www.philadelphiaweekly.com/articles/18255/music--umm--drop

12:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

his band is called the Violators

3:24 PM  

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