The Julie Mittens

In the wake of their last U.S. tour, the Julie Mittens have brought forth two documents that give insight into the controlled chaos of their live shows. Two runs of 100 CD-rs on both the Dutch label Cut Hands and Brooklyn label Abandon Ship; each CD-r printed with a unique cover. This, the Abandon Ship version, documents the band on a night in Baltimore. The squelch and rumble hits like a battering ram to the chest and is only somewhat lessened by the ethereal vocals of B'more local Lexie Mountain on the second track. Lexie brings the ghost science to the Mittens' treatment of haunted feedback littered with drum skitter and a guitar smear. After which, the band launches into an even heavier frenzy that lays waste to the opener. Clearly, the band is at home on stage as its almost unthinkable how they've managed to ever tone down or translate the intensity of their live performances for conventional records. If nothing else they capture here the sense of immediacy and experimentalism that they were meant to convey.

[MP3] The Julie Mittens - Untitled 1 (Baltimore)

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sold out at the label, but you may find copies still at tomentosa, eclipse, fusetron, or volcanic tongue

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