Hot damn, these boys seem to get better and better with each new single that crawls its way out of the Florida swamps. That only leaves one burning question - when's the album coming? Whew, at least hit up the unfortunate souls who've missed out with a singles collection to round up these tracks!

Jacuzzi Boys - I Fought a Crocodile 7"
Garage in the past decade has taken quite a few forms and there can be no doubt that the Jacuzzi Boys have spent some time breathing the exhaust fumes from that establishment. However, they've
fused the ruddy garage spirit with a lush sonic cloud right out of the Brian Jonestown suitcase and the more this sound begins to crystallize the better it gets. The A-side, much like the title track off of "Island Avenue", is a bona-fide classic and I'm not kidding 'bout that album, because if they can keep it at or near this level it's going to be a doozy.

[MP3] Jacuzzi Boys - I Fought a Crocodile

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