Fapardokly - Fapardokly
This "album" is often considered one of the great collectibles of lost 60's gems. Technically the band Fapardokly did not exist. Several early tracks were recorded as a side project of Merrell & the Exiles and released as a few singles on Glenn
records. These tracks were then picked up by the UIP label and added together with some later, more psychedelic work to make up the full Fapardokly album. Since it was never actually intended to be a full album the stylitic differences can be somewhat noticable but nonetheless the quality of the recordings is excellent. All tracks are enveloped in a light 60's production and the players move easily from ballads to swinging tracks and eventually into some mid 60's psychedelia. The latter shouldn't be too much of a surprise as group leader Merrell Fankhauser went on to form H.M.S. Bounty and the more revered MU shortly after these tracks were recorded. Even if no one would have been able to see Fapardokly as a real band at the time, this album itself is a wonderful snapshot of a transitory period in Fankhauser's career and well worth tracking down.

[MP3] Fapardokly - Tomorrow's Girl
[MP3] Fapardokly - No Retreat

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