Children - Rebirth
Children came about as the combination of members from The Stoics and The Argyles, both excellent garage bands in their own right. The bands each had a few singles out and members passed between them in a struggle for
dominance in the San Antonio music scene. It was The Argyles who eventually acquired singer Cassell Webb, first issuing a single as The Mind's Eye and then later crystallizing as Children. Their sole record came about as the band moved from Texas to California to record, originally with Mike Nesmith and then Davy Jones. Neither arrangement worked out but the band did gather for the sessions that wrought Rebirth. The results are a wonderful combination of both Texas and California psychedelia, rooted in touches of Baroque and West Coast guitar styles. The album was no stellar seller by any means but it did net them a deal to record a follow-up. This record was reportedly recorded but never actually pressed. After the release of a modest single, the band splintered to various facets of the Texas and California scenes. This however stands as one of the great overlooked gems of the 60's.

[MP3] Children - Sitting On A Flower
[MP3] Children - Don't Ever Loose It

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