Adam Payne

Adam Payne unleashes his inner power pop spirit on his solo recordings, shedding much of what was left of his psychedelic past. This follows pretty succinctly on his last EP under the Residual Echoes name which was steeped heavily in garage rock rather than blown out fuzz and feedback. But Organ takes Payne's obvious love for 70's pop and 90's retreads of said pop even further than I'd have expected. Though he still stretches the time barrier further than his predecessors might, he's got a core that beats with the heart of pop. Laying some unlikely guitar solos over the top of catchy strums and upbeat swirls of keys; its the convergence/ battle of his past with his future that makes this such an endearing record. The most prevalent battle coming in the form of "Incidental Arrangement" which pits the newfound clean production angle against his lingering love of winding psychedelia into a J. Mascis indebted guitar séance, keeping its head above the psychedelic waters but definitely clutching to the raft of excess for guidance. Thumping with the kind of pit-of-the-stomach uneasy joy that makes adolescence such a strange and wonderful hell, Payne seems to have rolled his entire musical history into this record and that's what makes it so much fun.

[MP3] Adam Payne - Wind Wind Wind/Take A Look

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