The Rebel

In his solo excursions from his work with Country Teasers Ben Wallers, under the guise of The Rebel, injects a serious dose of pop into his songwriting but doesn't lose the wry experimentalism that's been a staple of his former work. This British entry into the Sacred Bones family both exemplifies the twisted sense of pop that's been so prevalent amongst the label's bands and at the same time knocks up the fidelity a notch. Lyrically the mind of Wallers unfolds into strange dystopian landscapes that stitch together some sort of concept album set in the not too distant future and revolving around The Rebel's self made mythology. This definitely leaves me reaching back into The Rebel/ Country Teasers' discography but honestly comes across as some of Williams most engaging songs yet.

[MP3] The Rebel - Bums On A Rock
[MP3] The Rebel - Turtle V. Octopus

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There is also a new record out on needlesoup:
Ben can do no wrong....

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