Magic Lantern

When I first came across Magic Lantern I was crushed to find out that their first CD-r was long since out of print, having only been issued in an evil run of something like 35. This release was the origin of the crushing track "At The Mountains of Madness" which later popped up on a NNF cassette. However, it seems that the gods, or rather the staff at Woodsist has smiled upon us because they've seen fit to reissue this lost piece of the band's history. Still fairly limited but deservingly pressed to vinyl, the S/T first release careens from the harrowing juggernaut that is "Mountains" into two shimmering slices of watery psychedelics broken up by another feat of Eastern raga meets fuzzed brilliance guitar onslaught. The latter of which doesn't achieve the drone out head trip that "Mountains" does, but offers some excellent dark overtones and a serious bevy of dynamic shifts. Their latest album is a definite progression for the band but somehow this is the still the most complete statement in their catalog. The balance between light and dark, growling then moaning is so perfectly achieved that it would have been a grave injustice had this only made the rounds between friends.

[MP3] Magic Lantern - Gateway

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