The Koobas - Koobas
Despite having about as many breaks as possible for a band in the 60's, The Koobas failed to make headway in the charts and reach their full potential. The band held opening slots for The Beatles, The Who and The Jimi Hendrix
Experience, had Brian Epstein for a manager and record deals with both Pye and Columbia but still they never caught fire despite a sterling live reputation and critical acclaim. It may have been that the energy they commanded live didn't translate well to record, thought the cuts on this, their only album, have plenty of merit. Unfortunately the early Pye singles just had a bit more bite to them as its apparent that the band were deeply influence by many of their peers but not necessarily in a way that came across cohesively on an album. The album pulls in a few too many directions but as individual songs there's no denying the talent present.

[MP3] The Koobas - Royston Rose
[MP3] The Koobas - Barricades

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