Gala Drop

Bringing a huge boost to the Lisbon noise/kraut scene, Gala Drop's debut is swathed in thick gauze of echo with a heavy rhythmic punch. Splitting the difference between dub and krautrock, their debut definitely speaks to the band's talents as weavers of sound and style. The album sucks you into a fog, kind of enveloping your senses and filling the air with a mid-august steam. This seems to fall right in line with a few other bands who've found a common bond between dub, tropical rhythms and psych affectations lately. In other words this oughta play nicely with releases from Sun Araw or Ducktails. They've shared stages around Europe with Religious Knives, Starving Weirdos and quite a few other luminaries of the chaotic underground as well as sharing a member with Lisbon greats Loosers. The album's out now on CD but let's cross our fingers for someone to pick this up on vinyl soon.

[MP3] Gala Drop - Parson
[MP3] Gala Drop - Ital

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