Cold Cave emerge from their noisy roots to merge the distorted head of noise with the sweat stained heart of an 80's Saturday night.

Cold Cave - The Trees Grew Emotions and Died 12"
The band's first 7" on Hospital showed promise but was so soaked in noise that it was hard to hear their ability to craft melody through the din. They rectify the problem on the following 12" released on Dais,
taking a dark stumble through 80's coldwave and mixing it's nihilistic dance impulses with a noisy brand of dark pop that could only have emerged in 2008. The band have begun snapping up opening spots here in NY and with the quality of their sound, that's sure to only lead to larger things. Definitely an excellent piece of wax.

[MP3] Cold Cave - Our Tears Help The Flowers Grow

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posted by dissensous at 3:23:00 PM


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, this is actually pretty cool. Does anyone else think that the melody here seems heavily inspired by "Goodbye Horses" (Which is a good thing, mind you)? Nice find.

1:52 AM  
Anonymous jennifer said...

King of Um, I always thought the same thing.. about the Q lazarus influence. so there must be something to it if two random strangers can hear it!

12:22 PM  

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