Art - Supernatural Fairytales
Art served as a stepping stone between the V.I.P.s and the later success of Spooky Tooth. As the members moved away from R&B and into a broader, psychedelic sound, Art served as the testing ground for some of Spooky Tooth's more
prevalent traits. The result is a dark record that reflects the times while delving into a bit of musical experimentation. The group may have rolled too many influences into the mix - lingering soul, psychedelia and world rhythms - but just as much as this may have held it back commercially at the time, it makes the album all the more interesting now. The band only made this one album, but unlike many tales of underappreciated 60's talent, this one ends happier than most, as all of the members simply went on to become Spooky Tooth.

[MP3] Art - African Thing
[MP3] Art - Come On Up

Support the artist. Buy it: HERE (currently OOP)

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