Acid Mother's Temple & TMPUFO

Kawabata's and his Mothers are back, this time in full on Melting Paraiso UFO form. As heavy as his recent work with the Cosmic Inferno, the man hasn't lost a step over the course of who knows how many releases in several configurations and numerous side projects. It's hard not to like a release that contains a song called "Cosmic Soul Death Disco" that clocks in around 28 min and change, but the rest of this release is no slouch either. Another long piece starts the album off like a slow trudge to the center of a volcano before the aforementioned CSDD triggers the explosion of molten rock. The band cap Glorify Astrological Martyrdom with a powerful and by AMT standards very short song that gets to the fury without hesitation and though there's no room for an 8 minute solo it seems to live up to expectations rather nicely. This is actually one of the more consistent albums I've heard out of the last couple the band has released, building to a nice momentum without losing a step along the way.

[MP3] Acid Mother's Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO - Stargate of The Hell

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AWESOME track. Love it. Thanks!

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