Yussuf Jerusalem

This slab checks in as a pretty strong debut full of lo-fi goodness from this Frenchman. YJ's A Heart Full of Sorrow LP on Flordia's Dying blasts a grim piece of pure black hate at the top of the platter but quickly moves into friendlier waters that churn evenly between garage laced pop and a blurry new wave haze. Tapping into pretty catchy territory that feels tip of the tongue nostalgic on first listen, much of the album is quick mixtape fodder that would easily bring curious responses from any recipients. With eyes cast firmly on the bedroom floor YJ brings the soft touch of pop to the bummer psych ward and the results become firmly swirled in your brain. All told, with the exception of the black metal grind of the opener, Yussuf peaks some pretty strong interest. Add this alongside a stunner earlier this year from Cheveu and France's underground is looking more interesting every day.

[MP3] Yussuf Jerusalem - We Ain't Coming Back
[MP3] Yussuf Jerusalem - With You In Mind

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