Wax Museums

Wax Museums play off the best 80's punk spirits; loud, fast and with a mix of humor and witty lyricism. Though the band opens the album with "Lost in the Mall," they drop back to the Descendents' variety of punk with a healthy dose of Angry Samoans, rather than your little brother's tween-pop mall punk. With an obvious bent of boredom fueling a good number of tracks the band carry on the garage-punk torch that Douchemaster Records seems to be fanning the flames of pretty well. The band have struck a nice balance between not taking themselves too seriously (a song dedicated to glass miniatures) and blood-sweating punk rock; which, though not in short supply is always a welcome sound. Another DMR classic capping off a banner year for the label.

[MP3] Wax Museums - The Smell
[MP3] Wax Museums - Safety In Numbers

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They sound great, thanks!

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