Ulaan Khol

This is the second installment in Stephen R. Smith's series as Ulaan Khol. Again comprised of several untitled pieces but this time the clouds don't gather quite as grim as on I. The second in the series, which as a whole is titled "Ceremony," still swarms with struggle. The edges of each composition are smudged black with ash and soot, but underneath there's a warm ember of hope that begins to glow; a sense that Smith's world isn't quite as bleak as the first record would let on. One can only hope that the final chapter will let in the sudden cold rush of fresh air, it's either that or it'll have to plunge so dark that the beginning chapter seems like a cheery respite by comparison. However as a stand alone piece, II is a wondrous world of drone that showcases Smith's depth of control and skill with his guitar. The final piece of the puzzle will have to wait until next year, but for now let this help you usher in the oncoming winter.

[MP3] Ulaan Khol - Untitled 3
[MP3] Ulaan Khol - Untitled 6

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