Though Can and Neu are almost house hold names, not all of the bands that made up the early 70's Krautrock phenomenon get held up to such reverence. However, even those left behind still packed a unique rhythmic and dynamic punch that can't be ignored.

Guru Guru - UFO
On their debut album, Guru Guru combine classic Krautrock rhythmic grinds with some prog/psych styled freakouts. The band is at their best in the former style but never underestimate the necessity of a good old fashioned noise blowout.
The band would keep up the Kraut/psych flag for almost a decade after this release but following several lineup changes along the way and a change in direction when keyboardist Ingo Bischof joined the group, the band would eventually dissolve into the Guru Sun Band. This record stands as one of the most compelling of the band's largely overlooked career.

[MP3] Guru Guru - Girl Call
[MP3] Guru Guru - Next Time See You At The Dalai Llama

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German Oak - German Oak (Bunker)
Kicking in probably one of the most German oriented Krautrock albums is German Oak, whose dark and menacing first album served as a reaction to their parents WWII generation. The band went so far to
create the perfect detached vibe for the album that they recorded it in an abandoned German Air Raid bunker. The result is a stunningly acerbic album that mixes 70's German rhythmic structures with fuzzed and tortured leads into a fierce sonic statement that's both lonesome and burning with trapped emotion. There are some shorter interludes but its the three winding, extended tracks that really form the stunning centerpiece of this album. The band only created only one other album after this, but their debut stands as one of the most interesting and strange albums to come out of the German underground at this time. Thankfully this has been reissued for the generations that missed it the first time around.

[MP3] German Oak - The Third Reich
[MP3] German Oak - Airalert

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