Super Minerals

Another great release from the Magic Lantern family this week. Where Sun Araw picks up the dubby side of psych and the main band have the scorching guitar in tow, Super Minerals leans to the beautiful ambient side of the spectrum in the psychedelic universe. The project is a collaboration between Stunned Records' Phil French and the Lanterns' William Giacchi. With tracks that document the 5 depth zones of the Ocean, this disc lives in a world of dark echo and murky atmospheres. Working its way further and further from surface reality, the initial tracks swirl with Giacchi's spectral guitar but by the time you've reached Bathyal depth, things begin to lose their distinct shapes and once you've settled to the final abyssal depth, its just the implication of sounds and the long lost reverberation of tones that reach you. Again, every offshoot of Magic Lantern has been equally impressive and The Pelagics is a great feat for Super Minerals. This was released, as with Sun Araw's Boat Trip in a small run on Stunned so we'll have to hope for a good vinyl reissued to come along, maybe Woodist will make a habit of picking these things up.

[MP3] Super Minerals - Bathyal

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