Peter and the Wolf

Following in his tradition of handmade releases and self-distribution, Red Hunter pumps out another record full of hushed and tender tunes. Mellow Owl floats easy on the same sunlit dreams that permeate most of Hunter's catalog; full of breezy love songs and just a tinge of rambling loneliness. This one is a bit fuller sounding than Ivori Palms with lush instrumentation and some wonderful background vocals. It's closest cousin in the PATW canon is probably Lightness, and he even revisits that collection's lovely piece of transient pop, "Safe Travels". By now those that are fans of Red's should know what to expect and so far he's yet to let any of them down. For those that are uninitiated, once you get these songs under your skin, its hard to let go. Start here and work backwards as best you can.

[MP3] Peter and the Wolf - Ballad of Redhook
[MP3] Peter and the Wolf - This Kid I Knew

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This are some really good and honest tunes..the warmth.

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