Head of Wantastiquet

Sunburned's Paul Labrecque takes a solo excursion and delves into late night, pre-dawn psych musings. The pieces are extraordinarily downtempo but manage to keep a little menace at their edges through ambient drone beds and the occasional ominous field recording. The album is a long awaited follow up to Labrecque's last tape and a split with his wife Valerie Webb on Eclipse a while back. He mixes arid high plains string work with crisp Appalachian banjo tracks set against sweaty images of rolling summer storefronts; with the dull rumble of thunder threatening in the distance. The plains and mountain influences seep into on another creating a perfect distillation of American loner psych. Labrecque's world may be dark but its never filled with too much despair as he seems to wrangle beauty from the bleakest of temperaments; exposing the brightness that lies in all pain and even turning his strings to tempered celebration as the album draws to a close.

[MP3] Head of Wantastiquet - la mauvais ├Ętoile
[MP3] Head of Wantastiquet - This is the Spade That Descends

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Blogger hotdoorknobs said...

This is sounding beautiful, thanks Andy. Also, as usual, it has led me down a path of further (amazing) discovery as clicking through to the label and reading the press release (that name dropped trad gras och stenar) has me tripping down a further well of experimental/ambient radness.


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