Fire On Fire

Making good on promises they laid down on their brief 5 song EP earlier this year, Fire on Fire tip in a late year release for Young God that's full of life and brimming with charm. A far cry from their roots in Cerberus Shoal, but not so much from the members' respective solo ventures, The Orchard mixes 60's folk leanings with a bit of wild Appalachian fervor into a beautifully secluded record that feels like a glimpse into private campfire celebration sessions. You can smell the decaying leaves wet under foot and I'd be lying if I said there wasn't a thick veneer of wood smoke and soot ground into the edges of the group's outpouring of songs. It seems that the isolation up in Maine has gone to the quintet's head and quite possibly in the best of ways, the album is filled with the kind of communal folk that no longer exists, a warmth of playing for joy rather than adulation, giving the sense that even if the tape weren't turned on they'd still play with just as much passion. Again some of the credit here goes to Michael Gira for recognizing the beauty in Fire on Fire and insisting that it be thrust out of Maine and onto the larger world.

[MP3] Fire On Fire - Sirocco
[MP3] Fire On Fire - Flordinese

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This is really great! Nice robe on Chris, too.

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