New Jersey's Ducktails has hit the ground sprinting and he doesn't show signs of letting up. Working under both the names Predator Vision and Ducktails, Matt Mondanile's released a few cassettes and a recent 7" that bear some attention. Taking a laid-back beach guitar vibe and mixing in a healthy dose of dubby synth and dime-store drum machine, the rough early works have matured into a swirling stew of duct tape psychedelia. Perplexingly full of California sun for a Jersey native, the newest batch of tracks on the Beach Point Pleasant 7" are a tad late for summer beach parties, but should you need to recreate the balmy feeling of July at home they're a perfect fit. It seems that ample notice has been paid to Mondanile's prowess as he prepares a split with Wavves, a full length for Not Not Fun as well as a split under the Predator Vision name with Sun Araw (which couldn't be a more perfect pairing) also on Not Not Fun with many more on the horizon. Check out the full upcoming schedule here.

[MP3] Ducktails - Beach Point Pleasant Ducktails 7"
[MP3] Ducktails - Tropical Heat From II Cassette

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