The Blithe Sons

Glenn Donaldson and Loren Chasse return from their respective separate ventures floating atop the morning haze settled on the Jewelled Antler valley, to join up once more under the guise of The Blithe Sons. It's been a while since the two have summoned up the moniker but its certainly a welcome return. Traditionally one of the pair's more minimalist forms, they have in the past embraced outdoor recording and ambient sounds as a key part of their composition. Here, though they bring some shorter works with distinct vocals into the equation but at its heart it bears the stamp of both artists quite admirably. This time they split the album half indoors and half outside, with the first half being the more song based affair and the flip again utilizing the acoustics of a sea-side cave to bring a certain natural tone to their songs. The Great Orthochromatic Wheel is a beautiful split between the past and present of both artists work and an enticing new direction for the Sons.

[MP3] The Blithe Sons - Try to Find a Memory In a Dark Room

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