The Black Angels returned this year with an excellent follow-up to Passover. The first single from the new album kicks as heavy and sweaty as would be expected on both sides.

The Black Angles - Doves 7"
"Doves" is one of the poppier tracks from the new album but that doesn't mean its any less of a grease streaked rocker in the true vein of the Angels. The B-Side is a bit harder and throbs with the best of the band's catalog, so much so that
it seems like it just barely missed the cut on the album. The title "Drone in G# Major" is a bit misleading as this is no free floating instrumental, so much for truth in advertising. Excellently complimentary artwork following the 60's-esque red/green theme from the album. This one's available digitally but you know you want this burning in the palm of your hands.

[MP3] The Black Angels - Drone (in G# Major)

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