The Beatles influence never comes as a surprise but some of the better imitators got a bad rap for coming too close to the sun as it were. Both these bands had a heavy dose of pop talent and while one got help from the Beatles themselves and the other was picked up by the Beach Boys, it seems that even friends in high places can't always save you.

Grapefruit - Around Grapefruit
One listen to the debut album by Grapefruit leaves little in the way of doubt that the band had pop sensibilities or talent, but despite plenty of help from the Beatles themselves the band failed to make more than a passing mark on the
pop scene. The band received some PR help from John and was reportedly aided in much of their orchestration by the rest of the group, but unfortunately having been signed prior to Apple's existence left them too far outside the core influence financially. The band had some chart success with a couple of songs from this album but after a follow-up was poorly received while their compatriots themselves were dissolving their own band, it seemed that no one was left to save Grapefruit. The band leaves behind this rather solid, but not brilliant album as a testament to their skill.

[MP3] Grapefruit - Ain't It Good
[MP3] Grapefruit - Elevator

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The Flame - The Flame
The Flame were local stars in South Africa before they relocated to the UK and were noticed by Carl Wilson. Wilson brought the band stateside and recorded this S/T album. The album was well received critically and its easy to see why, with thick
Lennon/Harrison Beatles affectations and Wilson at the helm they should have been a certain success. Unfortunately the band wasn't as well received by the public as they were by the press and eventually the band dissolved with two members going on to join the latter day Beach Boys touring ensemble. Recently though, this has been rightly heralded as an overlooked classic.

[MP3] The Flame - See The Light
[MP3] The Flame - Get Your Mind Made Up

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George Alexander (Alexander Young) the bass player/vocalist was the oldest of the Young brothers - yeah, those two in ACDC and middle brother in Easybeats.

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Two of my very favorite albums in one entry. Thank you thank you thank you.

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