Another sampling of garage, psych and a bit of proto-metal this week on the RSTB Jukebox, with a bit of melody sneaking its way in at the edges. As always, enjoy!

[MP3] Samson - Traffic
Though signed to Andrew Oldham's Immediate label, Samson made this sole album before fading into the background. For the most part the album is spotty but this opening track shows promise of what they could have been. A fun, rollicking psych jam.

[MP3] Goldenrod - Descent of the Cyclopeans
This band delivered a hard rock instrumental punch and while the album is pretty short, each of the tracks is pretty decent. DOTC plays up the heavy blues factor in their proto-metal universe. The band didn't go on much further than this album but it has become prized in some hard rock circles.

[MP3] JD Blackfoot - Pink Sun
A Native American artist who worked his way through garage bands like the Ebb Tides before finally becoming a solo artist. His brand of Americana + prog became especially popular in New Zealand but ultimately he would become more well known as a label owner than as a musician.

[MP3] Them - Walking In The Queen's Garden
Them should be no strangers to the RSTB crowd but its not as often that the band skewed psychedelic. This single cut off of Now and Them is Them at their psychedelic best, with a driving beat and an eastern bridge that adds a bit of ethereal flavor to their typically garage palette.

[MP3] Virgin Sleep - Secret
Originally called Themselves, the band changed its name and issued two singles on Deram before being completely lost to time. This piece of lush psychedelia has orchestral overtones but doesn't lose any of its punch in flowery string sections. Definitely a band that might have accomplished more.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

good stuff mek. the "Them" track especially is fantastic! I had no idea Van Morrison could do psych as well!

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