Valerio Cosi

At only 22, Valerio Cosi has a catalog and collaborative track record that would make most older musicians blush. With well over 40 releases in his catalog already the kid is nothing if not seasoned at this point. He's shared releases with luminaries such as Fabio Orsi, Uton, The North Sea, Heavy Winged and Ashtray Navigations. The future doesn't look to be slowing down a bit for the saxophonist and this release on Digitalis sees him pull away a bit from his more free jazz leaning past, though its certainly not as "rock" as the album's Heavy Electronic Pacific Rock title would imply. This release moves Cosi out into Krautrock's rippled waters, pairing the genre's love of repetition with some well placed atmospheric electronics. Cosi's playing is as spot on as ever and proves, as he has on past releases, that experimental instrumentation doesn't have to be overly grating or without a pulse. Cosi's quickly becoming a star in his own right both in the worlds of free jazz and the more experimental leaning electronic world. This record marks one of his most widely available releases yet so don't hesitate to snap it up. Lovely artwork by Ernst Haeckel as well.

[MP3] Valerio Cosi - A New Vipassana

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Blogger Unknown said...

Wow, this is pretty excellent. Just the right vibe for mellowing through a boring last day of work for the week.

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