Two bands from opposite coast that both showcased a mix of psychedelia and powerful blues as cut through the prism of powerful female vocalists. Following in the wake of Janis and Grace many second tier bands stepped up to the plate with this mix and these two are both deserving of more adulation.

Gold - Mission Rock
Hailing from the West Coast, Gold were somehow without a deal but slated in to open for Ten Years After, Big Brother and the like. The band recorded this LP live and it definitely showcases them in their element. A potent mix of heavy
blues guitar, plentiful percussion and the powerful voice of Robin Sinclair. Sinclair had a bit of success with her own band Saloom prior to joining Gold's ranks but she's decidedly the ingredient that takes this from lost obscurity to overlooked classic. The band had some influence and help from "Country" Joe MacDonald who wrote two of the songs that appear on Mission Rock and even had a hand in producing it. However, despite all their help, talent and promise the fact that only a handful of collectors and anyone present during their height at the Fillmore may remember them speaks to the sad fate they suffered. Thankfully this classic has been resurrected from time. Well beyond the "worth a listen" ranks, this one is a lost piece of San Francisco history.

[MP3] Gold - You Can't Judge a Book
[MP3] Gold - Can't Live Enough

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Spirits and Worm - Spirits and Worm
Taking the formula to the other side of the country, Spirits and Worm hailed from New York. The group released this album in a small run but it was reportedly pulled from distribution because the cover was
somehow feared to be linked to Satanism and the Occult due to the goats/tombstone imagery. This despite the fact that the album itself contains no such references lyrically, not even if you try to stretch your imagination. The result took a relatively obscure album into almost non-existent status. This is unfortunate because the combination of the laidback (and decidedly non-East Coast) playing with some decent horn arrangements and the high powered voice of Adrianne Maurici proved to be a worthwhile mix. Its hard to say if proper distribution would have moved this at the time but its lucky that someone picked it up and Akarma had the sense to reissue it.

[MP3] Spirits and Worm - Fanny Firecracker
[MP3] Spirits and Worm - All I Need Is A Little You

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