S-S continue to bring the best of the Mexican Underground to the U.S. with this 7" from XYX

XYX - Sistema de Terminacion Sexual 7"
Coming out of the same Monterrey scene as the excellent Los Llamarada, XYX tap the twitchy post-punk with a ferocity that is unmatched by many of their peers in the States and UK. It seems like so
much of the bitter edge from post-punk was worn away over the years, its nice to see a few bands injecting a bit of venom in to the sound once again. Terse, jagged and perfectly acerbic; though the 7" is only a handful of tracks it still gets more done in its time than many larger bands can accomplish on a whole album. This makes me want to hear more from the band and definitely has gotten me geared up for the new Los Lamarada LP (which is up on the S-S site as well) go grab it now!

[MP3] XYX - Nunca, Nunca

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