Nice Face

In a year full of scuzz, fuzz and general lo-fi theatrics it would seem difficult to one up the heavyweights already out, but this barely released cassette by Nice Face is making a pretty good case for itself. Hitting the shelves on Jerkwave Tapes in a minuscule edition of 100, this little beauty takes the blueprint that his Sacred Bones 7" sketched out, kicks it up a notch and knocks it out for 12 full tracks. Fuzzy but not as obscured/destroyed/damaged as some of his contemporaries, Nice Face wipes the oil from the garage floor with 2" tape and then lays down a few gritty guitar solos over them. If these two releases are only the beginning then I'm interested to see where he goes from here because bedroom dystopia hasn't really snarled like this all year. The one man project feels like a full band's worth of scratch and squalor, and thankfully, even though both his works are out of print Nice Face takes the Robin Hood route and both the Can I Fuck It? Cassette and Thing in My Head 7" have been upped for free on his myspace page. Grab both because the price is right, though this would have been well worth the entrance fee the first go 'round, and look out for an upcoming LP, TBA.

[MP3] Nice Face - Hawkfin
[MP3] Nice Face - Rotting Around

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