Mythical Beast

Following a couple of great splits on Not Not Fun, Mythical Beast finally have a full length under their belts. As the fates would have it they've landed on Philly's finest; Language of Stone, for their first album Scales. The band recorded it with Greg Weeks at his LOS headquarters/studio in Philadelphia and to be honest these are some of the strongest Mythical Beast tracks I've heard yet. Still steeped in the darkest recesses of psych's heart, the tracks smolder with scorched earth and the black taste of doom. While atop the slow churn of guitars and the death march of drums, Corrine's vocal wail heralds in end times with the passionate force of a call to arms. But there is light at the edges of Mythical Beast's universe and though the themes are dark there's a sad hope that looms present behind the clouds of destruction. Again I'm earnestly awaiting the issue of so many of Language of Stone's releases on vinyl and this is no exception; music of this caliber deserves nothing less. The band has pulled itself to the forefront of modern psychedelia, and this album will more than likely serve as a jumping off point for great things to come.

[MP3] Mythical Beast - Cycle/Circle
[MP3] Mythical Beast - Live To Live

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