Magic Lantern

Magic Lantern return from The Mountains of Madness and finally grace us with a full length, following some great limited CD-r's and Cassettes. Not Not Fun puts up for their debut album, High Beams and it's turned out to be not only one of the band's most compelling works to date but one of NNF's greatest releases yet. Smoldering with ash and caught up in an inferno so thick I'm not sure how survivors were able to be pulled from the wreckage; this album plugs straight into the band's live abilities and translates them to wax. Consisting of five mostly lengthy jams that stretch out and sink their claws into the woodwork, High Beams makes good on a lot of promises that early works hinted at. Nothing's quite as sinister as the aforementioned "Mountains" track but the band grind out gritty amplifier sweat jams and cut them with a bit of the dubby ambience that guitarist Cameron has been cooking up in his side work as Sun Araw. Definitely one of the more essential releases out in '08 so don't let the 500 pressing slide by you, cause I have a feeling you'll kick yourself if for sleeping on this one.

[MP3] Magic Lantern - Deathshead Hawkmoth

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Love the Godz 2 nod. Magic Lantern is not a put on.

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