Koen Holtkamp

Koen's name may not sound all that familiar but his aliases as Aero and as one half of Mountains may hit a little closer to home. His work with the apestaartje collective and label have brought forth many releases that utilize a combination of new composition and sound design, and his first solo record expounds upon this theme. Holtkamp's ability to merge delicate instrumentation with natural surroundings creates worlds of tenuous balance and echoes of fragile memories. He weights each element of field recording with trimmings of instrumentation that seem like the two are dancing rather than merely being looped over one another. It's this ability to carve natural harmony from such unnatural machines and sources that gives Holtkamp his brilliance, and is often the factor that brought such praise to his work in Mountains. Field Rituals is out on Type Records, who add this to an astounding year and a return to form as one of the more innovative labels out there.

[MP3] Koen Holtkamp - Half Light
[MP3] Koen Holtkamp - Walker

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