The Jewelled Antler Library

In some circles the words Jewelled Antler bring with them reverence and a bit of knowing envy. Though many arms of the mighty collective till continue in some form or another, the core works of the Antler were released in small runs and are now all out of print. Unfortunately for many this means that a lot of the collective's best material is far from accessible and even if you can find a digital copy you're sure to never lay eyes on the beautiful hand-packaging that accompanied quite a few. Though this applies to larger releases like The Birdtree album (a personal favorite), early Franciscan Hobbies, Child Readers and Dead Raven Choir albums; nowhere is it more painfully obvious than the short lived 3" series that the label did in monthly installments. To own The Jewelled Antler Library Series is a holy grail among some and until now would have necessitated some pretty astute collecting when it was released or long hours on ebay. However, for the many that were not so lucky, Porter Records is about to release a beautiful 4-disc retrospective of the series along with new recordings by Loren Chasse and The Ways of God to Man. 1000 Limited editions sets with chipboard packaging and a foil stamped logo on the top, how can you say no to that? The box will include near impossible to find recordings from Fursaxa, Uton, Tomes, The Ivytree, Hala Strana, Dead Raven Choir, The Famous Boating Party, Claypipe, Muons, Thuja and Kemialliset Ystavat. I for one am extraordinarily excited. If you're unfamiliar with the collective there's a good article HERE, which includes some mention of Library Series by none other than Mats Gustafsson.

[MP3] The Ivytree - White Sun
[MP3] Muons - Space Man

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