Expo 70

Another great release from the tireless Justin Wright, otherwise known as Expo 70. He's pushing double digit releases now and has two more 7"s following up the release of Black Ohms, and this is one of the best I've heard from him since Mystical Amplification. Hauntingly dark and practically filling your nostrils with the inky night, this set of songs reverberates the desperation and unease of the surrounding void. Not quite as krauty as some of his past work but still an unheralded masterpiece of ambient psych. Wright's been making further waves out of Kansas City, not only in his dealings with Kill Shaman but now also in recording local acts like current RSTB faves Mythical Beast. Gotta watch out for the heartland because the new dark center of the universe seems to be migrating here. I'd say I can't wait to hear more from Justin but I don't think I'll have to, grab this or one of the other two 7"s he's got coming up.

[MP3] Expo 70 - Mind Echo Unit

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