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Earthless are about as much an example of a sprawling space rock band as there could ever be and as such the album format often does them little in the way of justice. Their debut for Tee Pee was two lengthy originals and a scalding cover of The Groundhogs, while their previous EP was equally steeped in lengthy jams. So with the band's penchant for excess in mind, the fact that their recent performance at Roadburn (a Dutch festival with a bias towards huge amplifier stacks and bigger riffs) was captured to tape, leaving a two hour live document of the band fully unencumbered by restraint, seems to have come as an unexpected bit of fortune for the band and fans alike. The performance is nothing short of a sacrifice to the gods of electric sweat; 4 songs stretched over 2 hours of physical endurance and inspired sonics. It's a very close run between this and Endless Boogie for guitar record of the year, but both records ought to inspire every sixteen year old alive to find a way to make six strings ring like this. Live at Roadburn is the definitive Earthless record, a band at their peak, among their people and completely absorbed into the joy of sound.

[MP3] Earthless - Blue/From The Ages (excerpt)

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Now since we here at RSTB love to see our unsung favorites finally make good, I have to include one other Tee Pee related note. The label's subsidiary Colonel has just recently reissued one of last year's great overlooked records, King Tuff's Was Dead, and on vinyl no less. The
record was out on CD last year from Vegetable Records and seemed to fall on nothing but deaf ears so here's hoping that a wider release will clue a few more into their pitch perfect 70's power pop. The band is a side project of Kyle from Witch and Feathers so this may explain how it landed in the realm of Tee Pee's dark recesses. Here's hoping the band kick out a new record as well, courtesy of their new home at Colonel.

[MP3] King Tuff - Freak When I'm Dead

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Blogger Adam said...

i picked up the vinyl already, but i've had a lot of trouble with the download code. i can only listen to it in my room with headphones on right now and i just don't think it's doing it justice! awesome record though.

10:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

These two bands sound really interesting. I'm gonna go do some research and find a bit more. Thanks for the post.

10:17 PM  

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