Dead Luke continues to scorch the wax on another Sacred Bones release. This time he's taken one more unlikely cover through the melted wringer paired up with a Luke original all wrapped up in a pretty sleeve.

Dead Luke - Record Two 7" Dead Luke's second Sacred Bones single sees the Wisconsinite taking on The Stones in an unconventional fashion. "Jumping Jack Flash Drive" isn't your parent's Stones and purists will probably shit when they hear Luke's rendition, however for those of you
with sense of the absurd and a love for twisted electro of the melted cheese variety, this one's for you. The flip is another DL original and it pulses and squirms with the best of his output. Still, I think that take on The Troggs can't be beat but this comes in a close second. Be on the lookout for this and that first platter to get boxed up in an upcoming release from the folks at the Bones soon.

[MP3] Dead Luke - Jumping Jack Flash Drive

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, just wanna say thanx for your great blog, which helps to discover new artists, which recordings are unfortunately sometimes hard to get over here in Europe! Strangely enozugh it is sometimes easier to find them online. In case you donĀ“t already have it the Dead Luke Boy Set can be found here:


have fun & keep on keepin on

6:09 PM  

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