Building off the same hypnotic repetition that marked his work in Lungfish, Asa Osborne aims to lull the mind into a constant waking dream in his solo work as Zomes. The instrumental project, which is inexplicably named for an odd construction choice in homes, is built around looping structures that become more meditative than monotonous, flowing with languid precision over the course of his album. It seems that these could easily be swapped out for a few of the presets on FM3's Buddha Box, each composition is short (though not as short as the B Box's clips) and could easily repeat on their trajectories for a good twenty minutes if you were in the right frame of mind. Though as their set up on the album, they work as a kind of loping landscape that bears constant resemblance to itself but with a few key changes every so often. Like cascading hills after hills moving from lush greens, to burnt yellows and dirt browns, the hues may change but they always retain the wavering motion of nodding up and down. This is pretty much what the journey of Zomes' self-titled album feels like; a view of peaceful beauty out the window that blows by you just out of reach.

[MP3] Zomes - Sentient Beings
[MP3] Zomes - Cosmovital Force

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