Sporting probably one of the silliest names since Fun Boy 3, The Jacuzzi Boys are far less rooted in effeminate disco than you might imagine. Bridging instead the gap between nineties psych rockers and the current new wave of garage, the band put a little bit of haze into the mix.

Jacuzzi Boys - Island Ave 7" The title track evokes The Dandy Warhols at their most ferocious and blown out, but then the Boys slow down for a few spaced out riffs and some languid jangles poolside elsewhere on this 7". This is another great HoZac release and probably the trio's best work
to date, though their split with King Khan's not to shabby on the riffs or the cred. Two shakers and one to cool off in this package, this is a perfect mix of spice and flavor. I'll be eager to see what the Boys pull off in the long form but until then this hits just right.

[MP3] Jacuzzi Boys - Island Ave

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