Snake Flower 2

Following up fast on their great "Talk About It" 7" from earlier this year, Snake Flower 2 don't disappoint with their debut LP, Renegade Daydream. Primary songwriting force Matthew Melton is a Memphis expatriate whose raw blues-garage adds just one more accolade to that scene's fervent mix. Though now decamped to California, Melton's taken more than a bit of Memphis with him and sewn it deep into the roots of Snake Flower 2. Frantic but somehow still saddled with blues cool and imbued with a sense of California's psychedelic past, the guitars on Renegade Daydream chug, the drums sweat blood and Melton's voice gusts by in reverbed swirls and fuzzed flashes. Melton's made an earlier description of his music, affixing the biker psych tag, which seems oddly perfect as this is a pretty good distillation of the sound of the soundtrack to the Hell's Angels' entire history pistons flaring with turmoil burning in their veins. This arrives again via his home at Tic-Tac-Totally which is racking up the track record for itself with releases from Thomas Function and Lover in their catalog.

[MP3] Snake Flower 2 - I Woke Up In A Dream
[MP3] Snake Flower 2 - No Way Home

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