A smattering of psych and a whole lot of garage popping up this week on the Jukebox. Mostly down and dirty, youthful and snotty - just the way we like it around here.

[MP3] The Distant Cousins - She Ain't Lovin You
Despite their semi-ridiculous name, The Distant Cousins can pump out a bit of sweet garage-tinged soul. With an acerbic sneer this track digs in the fact that you got dumped... but the DC's can sympathize. A great chorus kicks this up a notch and the rambling guitar give this a whole other flavor.

[MP3] Graffiti - He's Got The Knack
Enough 60's organ and fuzz to underscore the best psychsploitation film, Graffiti take the Ventures route on instrumental psych for the first half of this rocker then kick in a bit of vocal flavor that pretty much consists of singing the title over and over. Not a bad little rocker at heart though, then the band wind it down with style for the outro of this one.

[MP3] The Superfine Dandelion - Crazy Town (Move On Little Children)
This group props up some nice West Coast flavor with the open guitar twang leading into a breezy flute section. Very "counterculture" generic lyrics but not a half bad stab into the style here. The rest of the band's album is stuck just a notch below the quality of this track but here the band seem to have gotten it right.

[MP3] Meddy's People - Sha La La La Lee
This band of unknowns take a bubblegum staple and fuzz it up. Still an infectious chorus but the band put a bed of rumble and fuzz underneath it and a touch of swagger on an otherwise pretty innocent little number.

[MP3] The Music Explosion - Sunshine Games
The band best known for their "Little Bit O' Soul" didn't have too much else in the way of success but that doesn't mean you can totally write them off. Sounding here like a bit of a muscular Cat Stevens, with that same throaty delivery but a punch of garage pop replacing his usual folk fare. This has the tempo to get you dancing and had they not tapered off into obscurity this might be a more well known track.
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posted by dissensous at 9:20:00 AM


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Raven;

Latest Juke Box entry, the last MP3 was done by the group "Music Explosion" (who did "Little Bit O' Soul), not Music Machine who are famous for "Talk, Talk" song.

Just trying to help out.
Ciao! For now.

6:09 PM  
Blogger dissensous said...

Ah yes but of course you are right. The two albums lie next to each other in my iTunes. Must have typed one while looking at the other. The band is The Music Explosion and should download as such. - D

9:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Raven,

Brian Medway of Meddy's People here. Thanks for your comments. Our band broke up in 1969 and I later went on the play in Pegasus touring with Rory Gallagher.

It's good to see someone remembers the old band and still plays our music. Here my myspace url for you.




12:09 PM  

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