Religious Knives

This is another band I feel like I've been writing about all year, but I'll be damned if they don't just top themselves with each new release. Following a stellar 12", album and singles collection this year the Knives are now kicking in a release for psych's preeminent label, Ecstatic Peace. This is the most refined and clear headed I've heard the Brooklyn foursome sound yet, eschewing some of their former murk but without losing their grasp on sprawling sweat stained jams. The renewed fidelity only strengthens their hold on the roots of psych and classic rock's lurching past, with a played up emphasis on organ swells and the insistent buzz of feedback looming constantly in the corners of every track. The songs on The Door stretch death march drums and molten guitar lines into exploratory channels probing the inky darkness; peeking out only slightly to wipe the salt flecked sweat from their brows before plunging headlong again into the fire. A terrific credit to both Religious Knives and Ecstatic Peace, as if there was any doubt to either's credibility.

[MP3] Religious Knives - Major Score

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