In a sense its hard to be objective about your friends so excuse me if I'm a bit biased towards The Pains. I've watched this band since their first show and each time it gets better and more euphoric. As the band's first single from their upcoming record this is definitely them at their most fully realized.

The Pains of Being Pure At Heart - Everything With You 7"
So like I said with the band's first full length looming on the horizon, now more than ever seems like a the time to put in a good word about this crew of miscreants. The record's really solid and this single
is only a taste. Biased as I may be, Kip here can write a melody and a damn catchy one at that. Now the real reason I wanted to get into this single is the b-side which has been a live staple for some time now and got (much to my disappointment) nixed from the full length. Thankfully those of you who missed the EP get a second shot at this track and a doozy of one at that. This song always seems to close a set and it works itself into a moment of pure youthful catharsis; drums rattling and the repeated mantra of "We Will Never Die" pounding at the back of your brain. This always gives me chills and though the record clues you in, the live version brings the real euphoria. So go see them if you get a chance. I'm sorry to gush but I've found that there are very few times in life when you can walk up to friends at the end of a show and truly have nothing but good things to say. This is one of those times.

[MP3] The Pains of Being Pure At Heart - The Pains of Being Pure At Heart

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this is amazing!

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"You my boy, Blue!!"

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