Is it just me or do Grails continue to top themselves with each new release? Starting with last year's Burning Off Impurities and continuing straight on through a powerful EP release on Important already this year, it would seem almost impossible to improve that much, but Doomsdayer's Holiday checks in as one of their most varied and captivating releases yet. Still pumping a bit of the lost world/ eastern vibes that permeated the last two releases but no longer using them as a centerpiece, Doomsdayer continues the band's journey into nightmarish worlds that tug at the limits of imagination. The album starts out crushingly dark, with distortion barreling in and a sonic texture that matches the imagery of the album's title, before taking one more visit to their past desert haunts and onto a plane of calm unease and psychedelic nuance. The band moves thematically from track to track, wiping clean the feelings from each previous vignette with disorienting results. It might appear that the band have been catching up on their Lynch catalog and fusing his scope nicely into their already heavy arsenal. The entire album feels like a terrible dream in the best of ways; I'd much rather experience this in waking times but if this were to play out under closed lids I might not be so eager.

[MP3] Grails - Reincarnation Blues

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