Gary War

Yet another entry into the warbled pop that has melted all over 2008. Gary War takes a slant on the lo-fi synth bath but oozes with a bit more charm than straight up burnt embers and gasoline fumes that some others have stumbled into this year. More akin to the (Ariel) Pink Warrior than to say Herr Blank Dogs; War seems firmly rooted in the lounge style that both Pink and to a lesser extent John Maus have perfected as filtered through the confines of a second hand tape player and a good bet on a large 70's leaning tape collection. All comparisons aside though Mr. War does have a pretty good handle on his sound and flits between the dark corners of tape-his flourished crooners shifty of synth anthems with palpable ease. New Raytheonport comes courtesy of new Brooklyn upstart SHDWPLY records who have brought forth releases from the formidable Teeth Mountain among others. However it should come as little surprise that he's got a 7" and LP scheduled on RSTB favored label Sacred Bones. Here's hoping for another stellar LP design from that camp shortly.

[MP3] Gary War - Healthy Living
[MP3] Gary War - Good Clues

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Blogger Jeremy Smears said...

I've been seriously digging this LP the whole summer. Its actually a split release between SHDWPLY and Disaro. I wonder if it would get as many ariel comparisons if his name weren't on the cover. Probably, but I was thinking more The Legendary Pink Dots.

1:47 PM  

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