Boduf Songs

Mat Sweet's latest work under the Boduf Songs name continues to fall like the essence of darkness on anyone who listens. Pessimism becomes Sweet though, as his songwriting exudes the very core of isolation; hushed, haunted and excruciating to the very end. But such isolation acts as the perfect companion to the listener, and though his themes of death and darkness seem disheartening, there's a certain solace to be found in sentiments like the album's opening line, "All of my heroes died the same day." Especially in such seemingly dour times its nice to know that Sweet is out there shouldering the pain for us. The production on How Shadows Chase the Balance is fittingly claustrophobic, lending Sweet an inner monologue closeness especially when headphones are implemented. Truth be told, this album seems a bit heavy for the tail end of summer but as winter nears Sweet's haunted passages may take on more comfort. The crushing depths of despair were never so comforting as they are here.

[MP3] Boduf Songs - Mission Creep
[MP3] Boduf Songs - I Can't See A Thing In Here

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