Well between the last 7" and this one the obscurity rate just jumped from hard to fint to damn near impossible. This entry into the Jay Reatard 7" series was a scant offering that pairs our hero Jay against a formidable opponent in the form of Bradford Cox.

Jay Reatard/Deerhunter - Split 7" Sporting the only cut that won't make it onto the upcoming Matador Singles compilation, this split with Deerhunter has the two artists dipping into each other's song-stylings with outstanding results. Somehow both covers are able to
bring out a shade in their respective songs that wasn't present on the original. Deerhunter scale back the severity of Jay's original delivery of "Oh, It's Such A Shame" and in the course turn it into a bubbling fuzz of new wave fury that also shows Bradford in a new light, with a strong vocal delivery free from the haze and reverb that usually nestle his voice. On the flip the Reatard himself tackles the title track from the Fluorescent Gray EP bringing the vocals out from the fog and sharpening the edges on this already dark anthem. Its a damn shame that this wasn't more available because besides being another great entry into both artists legacies, it remains one of the more captivating 7"s of the year.

[MP3] Deerhunter - Oh, It's Such A Shame

Support the artist. Buy it HERE (Try the hounds at eBay for this one.)
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