Core Black Moth Super Rainbow Member Tobacco follows up his acclaimed DVD with a solo record on former leftfield hip-hop haven turned instrumental refuge Anticon. Though going it alone, Tobacco manages to take most of the key elements that make up BMSR's sound with him; dusty beats, huge 70's synths and vocodered vocals still reign supreme here. This comes as no disappointment for me however since those are precisely the elements I love about the collective's sound. The only apparent change to the concoction comes in the form of an Aesop Rock guest spot on "Dirt". Said cameo sticks out a bit among the mostly instrumental/vocordered fare though I guess - release an album on a hip hop label and you're pretty much required to have at least one MC on there somewhere. If anything could be said about the difference between Tobacco's solo work and BMSR's output its that Tobacco strips away a bit of the layer of ennui that waxes the edges of all of the Black Moth's work while still keeping the nostalgia in check. He utilizes their penchant for evoking a 70's aura without tapping into the lost childhood vibes that often accompany said aura. Fucked Up Friends is yet another superb entry into the BMSR family of releases and an endlessly enjoyable listen.

[MP3] Tobacco - Truck Sweat
[MP3] Tobacco - Little Pink Riding Hood

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