Thee Oh Sees

Recorded prior to their latest exhaustively titled album, this "live" set showcases several periods of the band's music distilled into a subdued but still swaggering style. This proves especially interesting with the inclusion of some newer tunes from the Master's Bedroom set; slowed and distilled to their core elements with a bit of the stiff grease drained out of their veins. The album is a concept cooked up between the band Brian Lee Hughes and the DVD portion of the package sets the band live but without audience against the scenic backdrop of San Francisco. Overall the recording harkens back to the sound present on Cool Death of the Island Raiders which shouldn't be surprising since much of the material is taken from that record, but with a band that's changed their sound so much over the course of their existence its interesting to hear material from other era's presented through the lens of a particular time period. The result comes out lo-fi and decidedly low key. A sleepy loll through the long grass in the heat of August, and even if you've never heard a single track previous to experiencing Thee Hounds of Foggy Notion this aesthetic wins over on first listen. The DVD's more interesting for fans but again, even if you're not a devoted Dwyer disciple it proves to stand on its own as an entertaining piece. A nice addition to an already outstanding year for Thee Oh Sees.

[MP3] Thee Oh Sees - Gilded Cunt
[MP3] Thee Oh Sees - Ghosts in the Trees

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