The Shining Path

So this one comes as a bit of a pleasant surprise for two reasons. First, though I expect dark psychedelics from Holy Mountain, they don't usually come with dub inflections and echoes of This Heat. Second, one key collaborator in The Shining Path, Ilya Monosov, has previously only been known to me through his lulling folk songs via Language of Stone. Though as I add, these surprises are pleasant indeed. Not surprising however is the second collaborator in The Shining Path formula. Preston Swirnoff has been tapping the dub plate for a while now via releases on Eclipse, Last Visible Dog and Gematria. But surprises aside and collaborators notwithstanding, Chocolate Gasoline is a superb release that pairs humid rumbling beats with some atmospheric touches and even a few meaty stabs of synth. Vocals swirl out of the marshes and lights dance at the edges of the scattered fog. This is tribal spirit dub that takes quite a liking to No Wave affectations and quite honestly that seems like a great combination.

[MP3] The Shining Path - Lonely Hearts Killers

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Blogger ilyaemonosov said...

Thanks for the kind review of our work. Just a word, before the Language of Stone release i put out 5 LPs on Eclipse (4 with Preston, and 1 other). The Shining Path grew out of those Eclipse Records.. so if people like this LP they should check those 4 LPs out. Best wishes, Ilya

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